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Shareware calculator available to give rough idea of pension value?

Guest jusducki

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Guest jusducki

I am not at all familiar with government plans but a Fire Chief asked if I could help...so, here's the question....is there an online calculator or program available for employees to use that would give them an idea of what it would cost them to buy back service credit? I'm not even sure I know what this means but I got the impression from him talking to me that if a Department restructure is done, it will affect their existing pension. To enable the employees to get a better retirement benefit, they'd be able to buy back service. Because the State that manages this existing plan is very backed up, etc. he asked if I knew of a program that would give a general idea if employees entered data in using a certain interest rate, etc.

So - if anyone understands my question and, secondly, knows if there is some online calculator available for this, I'd appreciate a reply. Thank you.

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