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403b transfers to 414h

Guest Sten

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I am working with a client who works for Stony Brook University and he contributes to a 403b plan with TIAA-CREF. He also has a 414h plan through SUNY and is periodically transferring assets from TIAA-CREF to the 414h. Has anyone ever heard of this? If so, what would the advantages be? I had no idea that this type of transfer was allowed. Thanks for any help with this.

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Is someone confusing investment transfer rules with distribution rules? 403(b) providers are often more liberal about transferring money out, because it can be done as an investment transfer to another 403(b) provider. But to actually take it completely out of the 403(b) arrangement and move it somewhere else, don't they have to actually qualify for a distribution under the 403(b) rules first (separation from service, 50-1/2, death, disability)?

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