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EGTRRA amendments for 403(b) plans

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It's my understanding that 403(b) plans need to be updated for EGTRRA, but not necessarily by 12/31/05. According to a Corbel person, we don't have a specific date by which these amendments must be adopted. I went on to ask if there are EGTRRA amendments that would be specific to 403(b) plans and the answer was to just use the standard QP EGTRRA amendments.

However, I read that EGTRRA eliminated the maximum exclusion allowance, and also changed the definition of 415 compensation so that Employer contributions can be made for 5 years after an employee terminates.

Shouldn't those 2 items be included in the EGTRRA amendments adopted by a 403(b) plan? There may be other issues specific to 403(b)s as well.

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