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GASB 45 help site & tool for small public employers

Guest tiffanya

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Guest tiffanya

Milliman's newly updated help site for small public employers that qualify to use the Alternative Measurement Method (AMM), known as the streamlined or simplified approach, to GASB Statements 43 & 45 is now available. The site includes a free tool on the site to learn if your public entity is eligible for the GASB 45 AMM (and to use Milliman GASBhelp™ tool).

The site also includes educational information about GASB Statements 43 & 45: articles, an online glossary, and FAQs that answers questions, such as:

* What does GASB 45 require employers to disclose on their financial statements?

* Do I have GASB 45 liability -- OPEB liability?

* What are potential consequences of not following GASB 45?

* Does GASB 45 require OPEB prefunding?

Visit the site at www.gasb45help.com »

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