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403(b) Plans -- at AIG/VALIC

Guest 403(b)_401(k)_TPA

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Guest 403(b)_401(k)_TPA

We have ERISA 403(b) clients who want to get out of AIG/Valic, with its current downward spiral. What are your clients doing to transfer? Our clients don't want to put new money into AIG or AIG annuity products (both group and individual annuities), and they want to do something QUICKLY.

What are you advising? Terminating the 403(b) and simply starting a 401(k)? Amending plan doc to allow a trust, and client says up new trust to collect new deferral money -- and then transferring to whatever new provider (whether for a new 403(b) provider or newly adopted 401(k) plan/provider).

What can be swiftly done to protect old/new money? Satisfy fiduciary obligations (after all, because these are products, backed by a company that may or may not be around next year), what's an ERISA 403(b) fiduciary to do?

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