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Guest l.skin


I am wondering if someone can help me with the correct way to calculate the 15 year of servioe catch up.

Here is what I am wondering. At one time there was a glitch the IRS created and all prior Roth contributions to a 403 with the employer reduced the $15,000 catch up dollar for dollar. I have heard that is no longer true and that now it it just the Roth contributions as well as the pretax contributions that exceed the 402g limits in past years that would reduce the $15,000 dollar for dollar. If this is correct can someone let me know where to locate the communication that this was corrected?

Also it appears any employer retirement plan cash deferral applies to this calculation as well. Meaning when you look at the overall contributions to see if they have averaged over $5000 a year in contributions that you look at all plans with the employer which could include SIMPLE IRAs, SARSEPs and 401k plans but not 457 plans. Again if this is the case what could I use as a reference that this is true?

Thanks for your help on this

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