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5310 Submission question

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This is the first 5310 submission that I have done and have a few questions.

Included with the 5310 submission will be the restated Volume Submitter EGTRRA

defined benefit document that the client will be adopting in the next few days.

If we want a determination letter for the EGTRRA document, do we need to separately

submit a Form 5307, or will the 5310 submission include a DL on the document.

So my question basically is, do I submit both 5307 and 5310, or is the 5310 all that is needed?

Also, the 5310 asks for the plan termination date. Can that be a date after the Form 5310 is

submitted, such as 6 months from now?

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Guest Merpa

You do not need to submit a Form 5307 in addition to a termination Form 5310 filing. The Form 5310 request covers the plan's qualified status through the termination of the plan and will cover the plan documents included in the submission. Yes, the termination date may be in the future.

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