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Old documents - how far back?


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Plan established in 1984. We have good documents back to GUST, and evidence (Resolutions and such) further back. Heaven knows if they ever had an LOD, and certainly not since the 80's if at all.

Sponsor is submitting to the IRS on termination. The question is - will the IRS demand documents prior to GUST? The client might find something in storange, or maybe not.

I thought I heard we could keep the IRS at GUST, but I have not found anything official.

THank you all for you thoughts (and maybe prayers!).

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My notes from Workshop 68 of the 2012 ASPPA annual conference say they are only supposed to go back one law if it all looks good. They can go back further if they find issues. If there is a problem with an agent asking for old documents that are not necessary, you can contact the area manager and take it all the way up to Monika Templeman (who was the speaker). She is the Director, Employee Plans Examinations. I don't think the session recordings are out yet.

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