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Acquired Employer submitting 5310. Controlled Group on App or No?

Guest LLHarlow

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Guest LLHarlow

I am preparing a 5310 for an employer who was acquired in a stock purchase (C Corporation shares were purchased). The sale and plan termination were simultaneous and occurred in July 2014. We're in November 2014 and I'm completing the 5310. Throughout the life of the plan, the employer was not a member of a Controlled Group. Today, as we file the 5310, the employer is now a wholly owned sub of the acquring company and employees are participating in the parent company's 401(k).

Do I indicate on 5310 that they're a Controlled Group member? Since an affirmative answer requires a statement (explanation), my inclination is to answer that they are a Controlled Group member and provide the details in the required statement. Does anyone have a different opinion or experience with this scenario? I suspect it's fairly common.

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