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Can insurance company require proof of insurance for dependents whom opt-out of family coverage?

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I am insured through my company and I chose to opt-out my family members since the rate would be too high to insure them. My question is if my insurance company can specifically require that I provide them with proof of insurance (company name, group, and group/id numbers)? Currently my HR manager is asking for this information and I don't wish to provide it. Is this legal that it be required information?

I live in California if that has any weight on the matter.

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I know in TX, we are a small group and do ask if the employee/family members are covered elsewhere, but it has to do with the % that must be covered to have a small group plan (you can exclude those covered elsewhere so they don't hurt the %).  But all we ask for is the name of insurance in case our benefits broker/insurance carrier decides to audit.

The best thing you can do is (gently and nicely) ask your HR why it is necessary. They should be able to give you an answer like I did above (albeit possibly different reason).  We are grandfathered under an old plan so some PPACA effects don't hit us, but it is possible this has something  to do with PPACA issues.

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