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Anyone have experience with Pharmacy Tourism

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Seriously? Until you factor in the cost of defending a charge of drug smuggling for the employee along with a conspiracy charge for the self-funded plan Plan Administrator. Have you run this by a knowledgeable attorney? Seriously!

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I don't know if you are thinking of mostly south of the border or north of the border as source but there are plenty of credible stories of bad/fake pharmaceuticals from south of the border.  Mexico doesn't have something like the FDA.  Canada at least you can trust more in my mind in that regard.

Does the plan have any liability if they send someone to Mexico to get a prescription on the cheap and it is fake or bad? 


Nothing above is an endorsement of the idea just an observation and question. 

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Hi CaliBen,

I’m new to this site. 

My firm, ScriptSourcing has been very active with pharmacy tourism.

We help self-funded employers mitigate rx spend.

We have the technology and member advocates to identify, engage, incentivize, and enroll plan members.

About 75% of the plan members we speak to enroll ... and nearly all are repeat customers.

Happy to provide additional insight and/or help your clients.

All the best!

Gary Becker 

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