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I’m sitting for the CPC exam this June. How similar is the exam to the practice tests? I have passed all of the modules and it seems like the study guide has the same information from the modules. If I just focus on the practice exams will I do well? Thanks in advance!

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It may have changed drastically since I took it back in 2006, but the premise would not change.  They want you to be able to speak competently on a broad range of subject matter; demonstrating the right approach as opposed to selecting the right answer.  When I took it, many of the questions were ambiguous.  I left feeling miserable, but found out I aced it. I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I would recommend demonstrating a sound approach to the issues presented on the exam.  The 'select the right answer' methods was already used on the QKA, QPA, & TGPC. 

Others here may have taken it since I have. 

Good Luck!


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As far as what the best way to prepare, the practice exam and the syllabus are your best friends.  Don't assume that the practice exam material will be on the exam, but the format will.  You should definitely read all the material, but focus on the learning objectives in the syllabus.  If it says that a successful candidate will be able to do XYZ, it will probably be on the exam in some way.

Here is what I would do since the exam is coming up fairly shortly:

Answer / explain each learning objective in each chapter.  You can do it on your computer or by hand, but make sure you can organize and read it.  Do it in short but complete answers with bullet points if possible.  Make sure all required information is included in the answer.

After you are done answering all the questions/objectives, put away the book and focus on your learning objective outline.  If you can answer each learning objective, you will have no problem with the exam




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