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DOL Health Plan Investigations?

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After enactment of the ACA much has been written about the DOL 's supposed focus on investigating health plans for ACA, HIPPA and other compliance and there has been anecdotal evidence of a few investigations but is it really a DOL priority?

Anybody have experience with any such investigations and if so what DOL Regional Office?



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I have helped a number of clients with DOL audits.  Off the top of my head, they have involved the Philadelphia and DC regional offices and maybe others.  The examiners have all been unfailingly pleasant and have been flexible with respect to the timing of the submission of documents. 

I am currently helping a client with respect to an audit that started in the Obama administration and has continued to the present time in the Trump era so at the very least the DOL has not abandoned its audit activities.  I have not been asked to help with any new audits during the Trump administration so it may be that the DOL is not initiating many new investigations but that's just a guess on my part.

All the audits that I have been involved with were resolved with little or no DOL commentary.

Hope this helps.

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