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15 minutes ago, Lois Baker said:

Sorry for the trouble.  Messge board software was updated a few days ago; looks like a bug crept into the mobile view.

Fix applied (I hope) -- could you please try again, and let me know if the bug is now squashed?


Hi Lois,

Looks great on both android google browser and BL for android after the fix.





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It looks the same on Firefox on a PC, though.  The unread messages are bunched up on the left like RBG's second image, though not as squished.


Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

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I'm using Firefox on a PC, and can't duplicate that behavior -- the message content is the full width of the top menu.  If I drag the right-hand edge of the browser to make the window narrower, the menu (top and left side) disappears when the window is less than 1000 px wide -- but at all times the messages are the full width of the window (i.e., wide enough to be comfortable).

Could you please try ctrl-F5 to refresh, and see if the problem is still there?  (sometimes Firefox is slow to see changes) 

If that doesn't fix it, could you please see if anything changes if you make the Firefox window wider or narrower?  (click on the right-hand edge, and drag it in and out)

We'll get it fixed!




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Well, I'm mystified -- I can't duplicate that at all.  You tried ctrl-F5, and it's still happening?

The software upgrade apparently did alter some of our customization; thought we'd found all of it, but apparently not.

Happening only in Firefox?  (i.e., did you try another browser?)

I'll poke around a bit more under the hood; has to be an answer somewhere.

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I get the same thing and what I don't recall being to the right is the box asking to sign up for the newsletter.  It is like that is pushing everything to the left. 


I did do the cntrl-F5. 

I will try a different browse next. 

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