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Amendment to an original QDRO

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I had an original QDRO filed in Denton County at the 211 District Court on June 20th, 2011. It was for a pension plan distribution to my ex spouse as part of the divorce settlement.

When I turned 65 (I'm now 66), my pension plan administrator required that I start receiving benefits. Due to the wording of the pension documents for my former employer, I now have to amend the original QDRO since I retired and remarried. My benefit payment has also been reduced starting in Dec. 2020 to meet the terms of the original QDRO.

 I have submiitted the correct form work to my pension plan administrator for review and approval.  I now need to know the logistics and forms needed to resubmit the revised QDRO to a judge in the 211 District for his/her signature.

Since I'm now on a fiixed income, I'm unable to hire an attorney to make these changes.  Please advise how I can do this myself.

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Depending on where you are, the Clerk of Court’s office might be helpful and accommodating with procedures for filing and approval of uncontested documents.  However, substantive matters are usually beyond the scope of such help, and amending a prior domestic relations order is likely to involve substantive issues. In other words, they might help you with the filing procedures but not what goes in the documents or whether the proposed terms are permitted under state domestic relations law.

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Ask if a nearby law school and/or local bar association sponsors a "pro bono day"?

I'm a retirement actuary. Nothing about my comments is intended or should be construed as investment, tax, legal or accounting advice. Occasionally, but not all the time, it might be reasonable to interpret my comments as actuarial or consulting advice.

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