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Any updates on Non-ERISA Governmental 401K plans

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Hi all- I was looking back at some previous post (some over 10 years old) and I wanted to know if anyone had any updated information regarding Non-ERISA 401k plans (just high level information). Also does anyone know the answer and either source or citation for the following:

  • Does a Non-ERISA 401k plan have reporting requirements, if so, i'm assuming fling under 5500?
  • Can Non-ERISA 401k plan have Employer contribution element?
  • Contributions to Non-ERISA 401k plan does not limit a participant's ability to contribute to their 457 plan, correct?
  • Does the Non-ERISA 401k plan function like a ERISA 401k plan, same hardship requirements, RMD, etc...
  • Also, does anyone know if there is a major difference between a Non-ERISA 401k plan and a ERISA 401k plan outside of who is eligible to sponsor one and possible reporting requirements. 

Any guidance would be helpful, thanks

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