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Insurance carrier's own bundled benefits & Schedule A

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Medical Insurance company offers Vision as an option through its benefits, which itself is provided by a separate Vision insurance company.

Some groups will buy the Vision directly from the Vision company, others will bundle it with the medical insurance.  For those that bundle it, premiums, commissions etc are included in the medical company's provided Schedule A ltrs.

That's all fine.

The medical insurance company itself prepares its 5500. They do not include a Schedule A for their own medical benefits for its employees.

They include a Schedule A for the Vision that they purchase from the Vision insurance company.

Now, they are switching internally how they purchase their own Vision - they are now including it in the bundled option for themselves.

So, the question - would it still require a separate Schedule A letter?  Vision company does not want to provide one because of the extra accounting etc. but medical insurance company can run the accounting for themselves.

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