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Integrated Pension Plan and Divorce

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The husband is a Participant in a Plan that will reduce his pension annuity benefits when he begins to draw Social Security benefits, that is, it is an "integrated" plan.  The parties have agreed that the wife will receive 50% of the marital portion of his retirement benefits (and are agreeable to either a shared interest allocation or a separate interest allocation). 

The question is whether or not it's possible to somehow freeze the wife's share of the husband's pension annuity so that her share will not be reduced when the Social Security causes the reduction in the husband's pension benefits.  As you may know, Social Security benefits are not considered to be "marital property", so if I cannot fix the problem her share of his benefits will decrease, and his benefits will increase, by an amount of his Social Security benefits not paid to his wife.  It is too late to consider workarounds like paying alimony equal to the wife's net loss. 

I have prepared QDROs for 33 years and never seen this addressed in any QDRO packages prepared by any Plan Administrator, or any any of the QDRO treatises I have on my desk.  

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Closing this due to double posting.  Probably s/b kept in this board but someone already replied in Defined Benefit Board.  

See thread of same name in Defined Benefit Board

integrated-pension-plan-and-divorce on the defined benefit board

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