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Terminating Plan is Surviving Plan of Several Previous Plan Mergers - How far back to go with Answer to Line 12 on 5310?


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  • Question 12 on Form 5310 reads as follows:

__ Yes   __ No   Has this plan been involved in a merger, consolidation, spinoff, termination re-establishment, or a transfer of plan, assets or liabilities that was not considered under a previous DL?

If “Yes,” submit the required attachment.

 What does "considered" mean in context of plan that uses pre-approved provider? Does the pre-approved provider's DL submission "count" as "considering" these mergers? Or would only an individual filing "count" as "considering" these mergers?

Here's why I'm asking:

Terminating plan is adopter of pre-approved plan. Prior to provider's pre-approved plan filing for Cycle 2 Determination Letter, the now terminating plan had 3 plans merge into it, with the now terminating plan as the surviving plan.  All are DC plans (and used plans from pre-approved providers), so no 5310-A filed, and no 5310 was filed at the time of the mergers by the surviving plan -- only DL filings so far have been usual filings on cycle by pre-approved plan provider. The terminating plan timely adopted its Adoption Agreement Restatement after the plan mergers, when its pre-approved plan provider sent the Adoption Agreement Restatement, for the Cycle 2 Determination Letter.  Pre-approved provider timely filed for Cycle 3, and presumably has received DL, although no Adoption Agreement Restatements sent out to employers yet. For the surviving plan, that is now terminating, when I file its 5310, can I check "no" on Line 12 of the 5310 as the previous mergers took place before the pre-approved provider's latest DL and before the plan adopted its latest Adoption Agreement Restatement?



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