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Qualifying Court Order to Divide Army National Guard Future Pension Benefit

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I have been retained to review a Qualifying Court Order drafted by another attorney involving an active member of the Army

National Guard. The issue involves the formula used to divide the future pension. Where is a good source for this information? Thanks

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If the Member retired after December 23, 2016, or is still in the service, you are living in a new world regarding the allocation of Military benefits.  See that attached Memo.  If you don't understand what you are reading, then your client needs to employ someone else to review the Order for him/her.  I would recommend Marshal Willick at https://www.willicklawgroup.com/marshal-s-willick-esq/

Or Mark Sullivan at https://ncfamilylaw.com/mark-e-sullivan/#:~:text=Sullivan is a retired Army,or its director ever since.



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