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After the update, when I am in my personal view, there is a pane with recommended jobs.  Is there a way to get rid of that?  It takes up too much real estate on my screen.


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Can you point me to the URL of the page you're calling your personal view? Happy and anxious to take a look.

I'm still working through the new functionality, including adjusting the size and the kinds of message board pages on which the column of featured jobs appears. They're not on a page that displays a particular topic (message thread), for example.

The featured jobs column also drops to the bottom of the page if you're using a cell phone, or if you narrow the size of the window on your desktop.

I'm actually finding that it's easier to read and scroll down the new left-hand column of new messages when I'm using my desktop computer, because they don't stretch across the width of the entire screen. The text seems easier to read when each line isn't as long, which I guess is why newspaper articles are written in columns.

Cue sad violins background: We lost most of our daily newsletter advertisers in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID. (Most advertisers promote in-person conferences, which largely went away.) The job advertisements are what's keeping the site running and paying for personnel and all the other costs of the business, so we're looking for ways to increase job advertising (including the popular "featured job" upsell) in order to avoid going to some kind of paid subscription model.

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  • Dave Baker changed the title to Featured Jobs pane

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