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Qualified Replacement Plan More Than One


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Two Questions. A terminating DB Plan has excess assets and wants to transfer to a 401(k) Qualified Replacement Plan ("QRP"). The 401(k) plan has standard QRP language stating it will accept such transfers and the terminating DB plan has a termination amendment stating excess assets will be transferred to a QRP.  Does the language have to specifically name the QRP and is there an amendment reflecting or documenting the actual transfer?. The second question is that for a different terminating plan, the excess assets were transferred to a 401(k) QRP but the excess assets are not being distributed rapidly enough for some participants. The plan sponsor has two other Profit Sharing Plans. Can he treat all 3 plans as QRP's and transfer excess assets from the original 401(k) QRP to the other 2 profit sharing plans and thus accelerate distributions?

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