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What if a lull in between employers medical and Medicare A&B

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What can I do? I retired on May 1st of 2022. I had applied for Medicare A&B prior. On may 5th, 2022, 5 days after retirement,  I had a home accident, and needed emergency care. Had to have 6 staples on my scalp. Am I covered by Medicare, or not. The emergency clinic claims I am not eligible. Please help!

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gerald hazlett, coverage under Part A (hospital stays) is automatic at age 65. If you did apply for Medicare Part B in may of 2022, you would have those as well unless something went wrong with application. Medicare should have sent a letter to you shortly after you applied that confirmed you application had been accepted and this letter would have contained your Part B start date. Go to https://www.medicare.gov/account/login and either log in to, or set up, your Medicare account. It will summarize your eligibility and also contain copies of letters it has sent you.

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