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529 Account Rolllover to Roth IRA for 2024 - Due 12-31-24 or 4-15-25?


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I know the option to rollover 529 account funds to a Roth IRA takes effect beginning IN 2024.  And can only be rolled over up to the Roth IRA contribution limits (i.e., $6,500 for 2023 and $7,000 for 2024).

Is the deadline to rollover the 2023 $6,500 contribution limit 4/15/24 -- or 12/31/23?

Is the deadline to rollover the 2024 $7,000 contribution limit 4/15/25 -- or 12/31/24?

Wondering if I can rollover both the 2023 max and 2024 max IN 2024 ($13,500).  Or only the 2024 max of $7,000.

I assume there is no clarification on this yet?

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