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Terminating MP plan 415 issue


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Yes, the 415 dollar limit is prorated: 1.415-2(B)(4)

(4) Effect of change of limitation year.

(i) Once established, the limitation year may be changed only by making the election in the manner described in subparagraph (2) of this paragraph.

(ii) Any change in the limitation year must be a change to a twelve-month period commencing with any day within the current limitation year.

(iii) For purposes of this paragraph, the limitations of section 415 are to be applied in the normal manner to the new limitation year. Moreover, the limitations of section 415 are to be separately applied to a ``limitation period'' which begins with the first day of the current limitation year and which ends on the day before the first day of the first limitation year for which the change is effective. The dollar limitation with respect to this limitation period is determined by multiplying (A) the applicable dollar limitation for the calendar year in which the limitation period ends by (B) a fraction, the numerator of which is the number of months (including any fractional parts of a month) in the limitation period, and the denominator of which is 12. This adjustment of the dollar limitation only applies to a defined contribution plan.

(iv) For a special effective date with respect to this paragraph, see § 1.415-1(f)(7).

(v) The provisions of this subparagraph may be illustrated by the following example:

Example. In 1981, an employer with a qualified defined contribution plan using the calendar year as the limitation year elects to change the limitation year to a period beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Because of this change, the plan must satisfy the limitations of section 415© for the limitation period beginning January 1, 1981 and ending June 30 of that year. In applying the limitations of section 415© to this limitation period, the amount of compensation taken into account may only include compensation for this period. Furthermore, the dollar limitation for this period is the otherwise applicable dollar limitation for calendar year 1981, multiplied by 6/12.

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