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January 17, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

Social Investment Takes OffYahoo! News[More like this]
Market Efficiency in an Irrational WorldNational Bureau of Economic Research working paper[More like this]
Working on RetirementBergen Record[More like this]
Organizing Big BlueBinghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin[More like this]
West Virginia Writing $4 Billion Pension Bill to Bail Out Three of State's Pension[More like this]
Investing Costs Are Dropping FastWashington Post[More like this]
Savings Plan's New Investment Options May or May Not Be Right for YouWashington Post[More like this]
Revenge of the Temps - Independent Contractors' Victory in Microsoft Case May Have Wide ImpactWashington Post[More like this]
Other Employers Face Suits Over BenefitsWashington Post[More like this]
Is your Section 403(b) Plan Defect Free?Findley Davies, Inc., orig. pub. 5/99[More like this]
CalPERS Chief Investment Officer Resigns; Nationwide Search for Replacement To BeginCalifornia Public Employees' Retirement System[More like this]

Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

HMO Bill Would Ensure Right to Trial Over DisputesLos Angeles Times[More like this]
Alternative Treatments Law Upheld in Washington[More like this]
HMOs Expected to Post Strong ResultsYahoo! News[More like this]

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New Recommended Links About Employee Benefits

A Malingerer, a Hypochondriac or a Patient? (Fibromyalgia claims)[More like this]
What Your Health, Life, And Disability Insurers Know About[More like this]
Managed Care Gets Hit with HMO Class Action SuitsGroom Law Group, orig. pub. 11/99[More like this]
Sick Of The Health Care Debate? Neither Bradley Nor Gore Is Telling The Whole, orig. pub. 12/21/99[More like this]
Domestic Partner Benefit InformationThe Center - San Diego County[More like this]
Changes in Job Stability and Job Security: A Collective Effort to Untangle, Reconcile, and Interpret the EvidenceNational Bureau of Economic Research working paper[More like this]

New Speakers in Our Employee Benefits Speakers Database

Schultz, AndrewView bioPrO UnlimitedFL
Hutcheson, MatthewView bioMDHC, Inc.OR
Davis, StephanieView bioNew England Financial GroupMA
Maurer, WalterView bioSAP AmericaNY
Steiner, BruceView bioKleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & CohenNY
Snyder, MichaelView bioHarris, Beach & Wilcox (law firm); WestgroupNY
Respess, James View bioRespess & AssociatesVA
Flint, KevinView bioP&A Financial Strategies, Inc.NY

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