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January 19, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

TeamVest Providing Free Online Investment Advice via[More like this]
IRA Trustee Not Liable to IRA Owner for Turning Assets Over to IRSMcDermott, Will & Emery[More like this]
Review of NCTR's Legislative Activity in 1999, and Agenda for 2000National Council on Teacher Retirement[More like this]
Virginia Dems To Push for Right to Sue HMOsWashington Post[More like this]
Microsoft Class Action Recent DevelopmentsBendich, Stobaugh And Strong, P.C.[More like this]
Amicus Brief of Health Insurance Association of America in HCA Health Services of Georgia, Inc. "Maximum Allowable Fee" CaseGroom Law Group[More like this]
Retirees Attack US West, Want Qwest to Promise not to Raid Pension PlanArizona Republic[More like this]
APPWP Letter Urges Hill to Cease Support of Sanders' Mandated Choice Pension BillAssociation of Private Pension and Welfare Plans[More like this]
Benefit Implications of the Growth of a Contingent WorkforceDepartment of Labor's ERISA Advisory Committee on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans[More like this]
Report/Recommendations of the Working Group Studying the Trend in the Defined Benefit Market to Hybrid PlansDepartment of Labor's ERISA Advisory Committee on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans[More like this]
It's Never Too Late To Boost Your 401(k) Performance[More like this]
Rail Unions, Carriers Reach Agreement on Significant Improvements To Railroad Retirement[More like this]
Retired Carpenters Sue Union Pension Plan, Allege[More like this]
Taft-Hartley Pension Fund Sues Campbell Soup[More like this]

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Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

The End of Managed Care?Boston Globe[More like this]
Cancer Trial Patient Costs Are Not Much More Than Non-Trial Patient[More like this]
Final Recommendation/Report of the Working Group Studying Exploring the Possibility of Using Surplus Pension Assets to Secure Retiree Health BenefitsDepartment of Labor's ERISA Advisory Committee on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans[More like this]
Failure of SPD to Cover Specific Situation Defeated Subrogation ClaimMcDermott, Will & Emery [More like this]
Two Circuits Hold Employers Liable for Failing to Disclose Upcoming Retirement ProgramsMcDermott, Will & Emery[More like this]
Plan Sponsor's Fiduciary Breach Results in Liability for LTD BenefitsMcDermott, Will & Emery[More like this]
Physician With Potential Financial Benefit From Delay in Treatment Breached Fiduciary DutyMcDermott Will & Emery[More like this]

Progressions - Promotions and New Personnel

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