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January 21, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity in 1998 (PDF) Employee Benefit Research Institute[More like this]
Roth IRA - Part IIThe Motley Fool[More like this]
What Happens When You Show Them the Money?: Lump-Sum Distributions, Retirement Income Security, and Public Policy (PDF)Urban Institute[More like this]
Sorting Out The Timing Rules for Roth IRAs: Contributions, Conversions, Recharacterizations, and ReconversionsRIA Federal Taxes Weekly Alert, week of January 20 only[More like this]
Executive Compensation 101 - Part I: Executive Compensation PlanningKPMG[More like this]
What to Do When You Suspect a QDRO Is a Sham: One Company's Story and the DOL's AdviceKPMG[More like this]
DOL Proposes Interest-Free Loans and Credit to Pay for Y2K ProblemsKPMG[More like this]
Stock Option Repricing: Benefit or Drawback?PricewaterhouseCoopers[More like this]
Feinstein's Spouse Denies Firm Misused Union FundsSpokesman Review[More like this]
Suit Claims Execs Raided Carpenters Pension Trust CoffersSan Francisco Examiner[More like this]
CalPERS Forms Long-Term Strategic Partnership With San Francisco-Based Thomas Weisel PartnersCalifornia Public Employees Retirement System[More like this]
Bell Atlantic's Brazen Benefits AbusesBellTel RETIREE editorial[More like this]
APPWP Comments to IRS on Cash Balance Plans: Plans and Conversions Are Not Age DiscriminatoryAPPWP press release[More like this]
Florida State Board of Administration Announces Court Approval of Settlement Against UCAR International, Inc.Yahoo! Finance[More like this]
Kansas Public Employees Retirement System Settles Claims For $40 MillionYahoo! Finance[More like this]
Cash Balance Plans: a Plan Design Overview (PDF) Louis Kravitz & Associates, Inc.[More like this]
Highlights of San Diego Gas & Electric Cash Balance Plan, Recently Ratified by IBEW Local Union 465 of San DiegoIBEW Local 465[More like this]
Calpers To Buy 10% Stake In San Francisco Investment BankYahoo! Finance[More like this]

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Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

Teaming Up? Health Insurance Association of America Might Support Clinton PlanOnline NewsHour[More like this]
HMO's Ills Making Others SickBoston Globe[More like this]
Gore's Health Plan Beats Bradley'sBoston Globe editorial[More like this]
Reilly Grabbing Harvard Pilgrim Crisis By Horns, Winning Plaudits From All SidesBoston Globe[More like this]
Health Care Left Largely Unsaid In GOP Campaign SpeechesBoston Globe[More like this]
Clinton Seeks to Greatly Expand Health CoverageLos Angeles Times[More like this]
HMOs Need to Be WatchedBoston Globe[More like this]
Consumer and Hospital Groups Seek To Offer Input in Harvard Pilgrim HMO Receivership CaseBoston Globe[More like this]
Options Weighed in Rescue of Harvard Pilgrim HMOBoston Globe[More like this]
The Harry and Louise Show - The Fictional Couple Who Appeared In Anti-Clinton Ads Are Now in a New[More like this]
Making Health an Issue - Clinton Continues to Push for[More like this]
Increasing Small-Firm Health Insurance Coverage Through Association Health Plans And Healthmarts (PDF) Congressional Budget Office, January 2000[More like this]
The Employer's View: Clinton's Health Insurance Initiative Inconsistent with Patients' Rights BillAssociation of Private Pension and Welfare Plans[More like this]

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