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February 1 and 2, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

IRS To Reopen Master and Prototype Retirement Plan ProgramInvestment Company Institute[More like this]
Hewitt 401(k) Index Shows Increased Fund Transfer Activity Among EmployeesHewitt Associates[More like this]
Retirees Hit US West PlanSalt Lake Tribune[More like this]
Ceridian Launches, the First Web-Based Payroll Tax Filing and HR Services Company Aimed at Small[More like this]
Cash Balance ConversionsJournal of Accountancy[More like this]
Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders' Web Page About Cash Balance PlansBernie Sanders[More like this]
How a Single Sentence From IRS Paved Way to Cash-Balance Plans, by Ellen E. Schultz Wall Street Journal[More like this]
Trust Officer's Power[More like this]
IRS, DOL and PBGC Announce Adoption of Revised Annual Return/Report FormsFederal Register[More like this]
Do Pension Plans with Participant Investment ChoiceTeach Households to Hold More Equity? (PDF)Scott Weisbenner of the Federal Reserve Board, orig. pub. October 1999[More like this]
Pension & Benefits Update email newsletter, 1/31/2000 issueTax Analysts[More like this]
SERP SunsetMark Poerio, Esq.[More like this]
Golden BungeesMark Poerio, Esq.[More like this]
Aging's New Math: Post-Retirement Financial NeedsWorth, February 2000[More like this]
Prudential GoalMaker 401K Asset Allocation Service Now Available[More like this]
Morningstar Enters Retirement Advice MarketMorningstar[More like this]

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Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

Findings from The Commonwealth Fund 1999 National Survey of Workers' Health InsuranceThe Commonwealth Fund[More like this]
Listening To Workers: Challenges For Employer-Sponsored [Health Insurance] Coverage In The 21st Century (PDF)The Commonwealth Fund[More like this]
Study Faults Web Health Sites on PrivacyThe Standard[More like this]
A Vote of Confidence: Attitudes Toward Employer Sponsored Health InsuranceThe Commonwealth Fund[More like this]
Double-Digit Growth In Health Care Costs Projected In 2000Towers Perrin[More like this]
Harry and Louise's New AttitudeChicago Tribune[More like this]
House Vote Pushes Conference on Patients' RightsKaiser Family Foundation[More like this]
Arbitrator: Connecticut Should Offer Health Benefits To Employees In Same-Sex[More like this]
Arizona House of Representatives Backs HMO ReformArizona Republic[More like this]
Premium Costs Rising AgainCFO[More like this]
Sites with Health Services Research and Public Health InformationUniversity of Washington[More like this]
The HIPAA Lurks: Just When CIOs Thought It Was Safe ... Modern Healthcare, 1/31/2000 issue[More like this]
Cardiff MediClaim Emerges as a New Weapon In The Battle Against the Rising Cost of[More like this]
State Regulation of HMOs: Time for an Overhaul?Boston Globe[More like this]
Fear of For-Profits is Grounded in FactBoston Globe commentary[More like this]

New Recommended Links About Employee Benefits

Differential Mortality and the Value of Individual Account Retirement Annuities, a paper by Jeffrey R. Brown[More like this]
Early Birds Go to Work on Long-Term Care LegislationWashington Post[More like this]
Job-Hoppers Must Jump At BenefitsSan Jose Mercury News[More like this]
Health Insurance Costs and Early Retirement DecisionsUrban Institute[More like this]
RescueHealthCareDay.comPhysicians Who Care and the National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers[More like this]

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