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February 3 and 4, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

In Brief - 1999 Form 5500 (PDF)U.S. Department of Labor[More like this]
ERISA Filing Acceptance System - EFAST Web siteU.S. Department of Labor[More like this]
1999 Form 5500, Schedules and Instructions in Separate PDF Files for DownloadingU.S. Department of Labor[More like this]
Washington UpdateNational Council on Teacher Retirement[More like this]
Stock Option Ruling May Be Revised, DOL Tells LPALPA, Inc.[More like this]
President's Agenda Falls Short of Expanding Pensions to All AmericansIRAjunction.com[More like this]
IRS Issues Revised Eligible Rollover Distribution Noticeinsure.com[More like this]
How To Ensure a Smooth Transition in a Cash Balance ConversionJournal of Accountancy[More like this]
Comments on "The Project OASIS Report" Submitted by the Expert Committee for Devising a Pension System for IndiaCentre for Pensions and Social Insurance at Birkbeck[More like this]
Repeal of Combined 415 Limitations (PDF)Milliman & Robertson[More like this]
Aged Population May Soon Overwhelm Pension, Health Care in U.S., Other CountriesDetroit News[More like this]
Bill Would Force Divestiture of Tobacco StocksSacramento Bee[More like this]
Job Hoppers and Investors With No Memories of Hard TimesMSNBC[More like this]
State and Local Government Retirement Funds At $1.7 Trillionnews.excite.com[More like this]
Remedial Amendment Period Regulation is FinalizedInternal Revenue Service[More like this]
The Employee Ownership Update for February 3, 2000National Center for Employee Ownership[More like this]

Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

Revised Schedule for Publication of Final Regulations on Electronic Data Interchange, Unique Identifiers, Security Standards and Privacy Rules for Health Claims TransactionsThe Segal Company[More like this]
You Snooze, You Lose: New York Fines HMOs for Overdue Paymentsinsure.com[More like this]
Poll: Most in Dayton, Ohio Want Right to Sue HMOsCNNfn[More like this]
Pre-Tax Parking, Van Pooling, and Mass Transit Pass ProgramsFaegre & Benson LLP[More like this]

New Recommended Links About Employee Benefits

Employee-Retirement Systems of State and Local GovernmentsU.S. Census Bureau[More like this]
1999 Inc. 500 AlmanacInc.[More like this]

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