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February 9 and 10, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

Avoiding The Hard Decisions: The President's Retirement Savings Account ProgramHeritage Foundation[More like this]
Why Critics of Social Security Personal Retirement Accounts Are WrongHeritage Foundation[More like this]
Administration's FY 2001 Budget Proposes New $200 Million Tax Increase on S Corp ESOPsThe ESOP Association[More like this]
Final Regulations on Electronic Transmission of Certain Distribution Notices and Elections, Distributions of Summary NoticescybERISA.com[More like this]
ESOP - the Easy OptionThe Hindu[More like this]
Pension and Retirement Savings Provisions of the President's FY 2001 Budget (PDF)Association of Private Pension and Welfare Plans[More like this]
IRS Makes 401(k) Safe Harbor Rules More UsableWatson Wyatt[More like this]
Cash Balance Conversions: Whither Wear-Away?Watson Wyatt[More like this]
Summary of Tax Provisions Contained in the President's Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Proposal (PDF)Joint Committee on Taxation[More like this]
New Form 5500 Forms Clarify Reporting Rules for Defaulted Participant LoanscybERISA.com[More like this]
IBM Veteran Leads Pension FightPoughkeepsie Journal[More like this]
Employee Retirement Income Security Act and Managed Care: Current Issues and Their Impact on Medical PracticeMedscape, free registration required[More like this]
Senate Bankruptcy Bill Includes Costly Tax Cuts That Could Harm Lower-Wage WorkersCenter for Budget and Policy Priorities[More like this]
Employee Benefits Provisions in the Bankruptcy Reform Bill Passed by the Senate on February 2BenefitsLink[More like this]
The Pension Professionals, Inc. CaseProfessional Practice Insurance Brokers, Inc.[More like this]

Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

Congress: Map Needed on Patient BillLos Angeles Times[More like this]
Contagious HMO Myths a Public Health ThreatBoston Globe[More like this]
Managed Care Legislation Headed to Conference CommitteeGroom Law Group[More like this]
No Health Reform Before 2001PersonalMD.com[More like this]
Lawmakers Defend Military RetireesNew York Times, free registration required[More like this]
An HMO CheckupMotley Fool[More like this]
"Birthday Rule" Determines Whose Health Plan Covers Your Kidsinsure.com[More like this]
Why Health Sites Make Me SickZDNet[More like this]
H.R. 2990 Will Open Employers to Lawsuits, Warns APPWPAssociation of Private Pension and Welfare Plans[More like this]
Forthcoming IRS Bulletin May Affect Severance Pay Plans for Governmental and Tax-Exempt EmployersSegal Company[More like this]
ADP Acquires COBRA Administration Provider netBOAnews.excite.com[More like this]
REPAIR Team Sues UnitedHealth on RICO, ERISA Groundsnews.excite.com[More like this]
UnitedHealth Group Sued for Alleged Racketeeringnews.excite.com[More like this]
Delta Employees Offered Nearly-Free Personal Computers as an Employee BenefitAtlanta Journal-Constitution[More like this]
HMO Execs Debate How to Heal Their Image -- and Industry Business Week[More like this]
Patients' Rights Again on Congressional HorizonYahoo! News[More like this]
Healthcare Reform may be Coming, but in Little PiecesChristian Science Monitor[More like this]

New Recommended Links About Employee Benefits

Section 404(c) Compliance Audit ChecklistSnell & Willmer, L.L.P.[More like this]
Choice, Chance, and Wealth Dispersion at RetirementNational Bureau of Economic Research[More like this]
The Impact on Older Workers of Cash Balance Pension Plan ConversionsAmerican Association of Retired Persons[More like this]

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