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March 24 - 27, 2000

Top Stories - Retirement Plans

IRS Clarifies Prospective Effective Date Guidelines if New Rules for New Comparability Plans Are AdoptedTRI Pension Services[More like this]
President of Pan Am Retiree Group Demands That PBGC Executive Director Commence Talks with Pan Am Retirees At OnceBusiness Wire[More like this]
Scudder Kemper Retirement Services Wins Two 1st Place Awards in Pensions & Investments '2000 Defined Contribution Investment Education Awards'Yahoo! News[More like this]
JavaScript IRA Withdrawal Calculator is OnlineJohn P. Greaney[More like this]
Liability for Breach of ERISA Fiduciary Duty Imposed on Company President is Non-dischargeable Debt in Later Personal BankruptcyEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
Third Circuit Imposes 'Duty to Explain' on ERISA Plan AdministratorsBallard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP[More like this]
ERIC Comments on Application of Plan Qualification Requirements in Connection with Mergers, Acquisitions, Dispositions and Similar Transactions, and the Multiple Use Rule (PDF)ERISA Industry Committee[More like this]
Critical Date Approaching for Older Clients with IRAs and Qualified Plan AccountsRIA Federal Taxes Weekly Alert[More like this]
Senate OKs End to Social Security Earnings Penalty Los Angeles Times[More like this]
California Law of Substantial Compliance Applies in Determining Validity of 401(k) Plan's Beneficiary DesignationEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
City of Miami Beach Not Estopped To Make Prospective Reduction In BenefitsCypen & Cypen

Top Stories - Health and Welfare Plans

No Excise Tax Under Code Section 4976 of Demutualization Payments Transferred to VEBA TrustEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
More Mid-year Cafeteria Plan Election Changes PermittedEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
Prescription Drugs Prescribed Prior to Six-Month Waiting Period, But Taken During the Waiting Period, Constituted 'Treatment' Under Plan's Preexisting Condition ClauseEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
EEOC Information Letter Takes No Position on Whether Infertility is Protected Under the Americans with Disabilities ActEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
Two Federal Courts Permit ERISA Plan Participants and Beneficiaries to Sue Plan's Insurer Under State Law, Notwithstanding ERISA'S Exclusive Remedies ProvisionsEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
Frequently Asked Questions About HIPAA Health Data Confidentiality RulesQuadraMed[More like this]
HMO Reforms Could Be Foiled In Regulatory Process Without An Effective HMO CzarFoundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights[More like this]
Resolving Health Plan Disputes: The Issue and Challenges (PDF), orig. pub. April 1999Alliance for Health Reform[More like this]
American Health Lawyers Association Co-Hosts Press Briefing on Managed Care LawsuitsAmerican Health Lawyers Association[More like this]
Regions Bank Ordered to Pay Severance Benefits to Bank Executives Under 'Change of Control' Provision in Employment ContractsKnight-Ridder / Tribune Business News[More like this]
Michigan HMO Doctors Vote To UnionizeAssociated Press[More like this]
HIPAA Regulation Looms for Medical RecordsNashua Telegraph[More like this]
Dental Plans Unite to Take Bigger Bite of MarketHealth Care Journal[More like this]
Insurer Cannot Deny Benefits After Guaranteeing Payment in WritingEmployee Benefits Institute of America[More like this]
Negligence Claim Against HMO StandsNew York Law Journal[More like this]
NCQA Report Card for Health Plans Too Vague to be HelpfulHealth Care Journal[More like this]
Long-Term Disability Hits the WallMichael Greve, FLMI, CEBS[More like this]
Battle Cry for Free Health Care - Retired Veterans Push Congress to Restore 'Promised' BenefitWashington Post[More like this]

New Recommended Links About Employee Benefits

Reader Survey ResultsBenefitsLink[More like this]
What Long-Term Care Insurance Is and Is NotWashington Post[More like this]
Frequently Asked Questions About the Federal Minimum WageG. Neil[More like this]
DB Plans' Unexpected Resiliency Could Aid RecruitingCypen & Cypen[More like this]
Large Bank Retirement Services: A Comparative Practices StudyOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency Working Papers[More like this]

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