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April 17, 2000

The Minimum Distribution Rules Affecting IRAs and Qualified Plans in a Nutshell
Subtitled: A Guide for the Perplexed. Attorney Ice has published a short (about 10 pages) description of the RMD rules for his estate planning clients. (Noel C. Ice, Esq. of Cantey & Hanger, L.L.P.)

Top 10 High-Tech Companies To Work For
Excerpt: "What does it take to win the Internet race? Without a doubt, it comes down to the most valuable commodity in information technology today - talented employees." (Inter@ctive Week)

Doctor Groups, Consumer Groups Warn of Breaches in HIPAA Privacy Laws for Patients
Excerpt: "The new rules, mandated by Congress, represent the first federal effort to safeguard the privacy of medical records [because their purpose is to] greatly limit the release of private health information without consent ... But by eliminating the requirement for patient consent in many situations, the rules would have the opposite effect, predicted Richard Sobel, a political scientist at Harvard Medical School." (Washington Post)

Conference Committee Reaches Agreement on Health Appeals
Excerpt: "- Patients denied care by their HMOs could appeal the decisions to an independent review panel under a tentative agreement reached by House and Senate negotiators working on legislation to give patients more say about their health care." (Associated Press)

Labor Aims For Ballot Issue On Ohio HMO Liability Law
Excerpt: "The AFL-CIO is gearing up to get a statewide proposition on the November ballot that would allow Ohio residents to sue their health maintenance organization for malpractice." (Health Care Journal)

Room to Play in an IRA? Tax Advantages Can Make Frequent Trading Viable
Excerpt: "A few more weeks like the one just past could well make this question moot, but as increasing numbers of Americans have been tempted to try their hand at stock investing, many are wondering whether it makes more sense to buy and sell within a tax-preferred account or to do their trading unsheltered in a fully taxable account." (Washington Post)

Roth IRAs (Including 1998 Technical Corrections and the Final Regs) (PDF)
Attorney Ice wrote this marvelous 135-page outline in July 1999. (Noel C. Ice, Esq. of Cantey & Hanger, L.L.P.)

Congress Reaches Tentative Agreement on Appeals Process for HMO Members
Excerpt: "In a breakthrough, House and Senate negotiators said Friday they had reached a tentative agreement on an appeals process for patients denied care by health maintenance organizations ... patients could obtain an independent medical review of any decision in which an HMO denied care or coverage on grounds that a service was not medically necessary or was experimental." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Florida Business Lobbying Organization Vows to Continue Fight Against Managed Care Bill
Excerpt: "We don't want sick people to have to wait through the years it takes to resolve a lawsuit to get the care they need," said Jon L. Shebel, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida (AIF). "There are better, faster, less-expensive ways to resolve these matters and to get treatment for people who need it. Unfortunately, the trial bar can only make money by suing people, so they're supporting this bill." (PRNewswire, via news.excite.com)

'Assurance of Voluntary Compliance' Agreement Between State of Texas and Aetna U.S. Healthcare (PDF)
Full text of the document, published online by the AHLA 4/12/2000, regarding physician incentive payments under managed care programs. (American Health Lawyers Association)

How Much Should Americans Be Saving for Retirement? (PDF)
Working Paper by by B. Douglas Bernheim, Lorenzo Forni, Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence J. Kotlikoff (March 2000) (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

Managing Stock Options in a Volatile Market
Originally published in January 1999, but worth reviewing in light of the recent market volatility. (Faegre & Benson, LLP)

As Wealth Goes, So May High-Tech Workers
Excerpt: "For employees in stock-option-obsessed Silicon Valley, watching the company ticker symbol has become a way of life." (Wired)

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