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May 2, 2000

Advice With a Price
Excerpt: "As more companies offer workers Internet guidance for 401(k) investments, questions linger." (CFO Magazine)

Boss Controlling E-Mail? Maybe That Will Change
Excerpt: "But now, some office rebels are beginning to chip away at employers' power over their own computer systems by dusting off the National Labor Relations Act, a Depression-era law passed when the rotary telephone was the last word in desktop technology." (Deseret News)

Now You Can Postmark Your Email Electronically
Excerpt: "USPS' Electronic Postmark, released April 20, can be attached to any Internet communication and protects documents by detecting if a document or file has been tampered with in transit. The postmark also will make it easier to investigate and determine who tampered with a document and when." (CNN)

Blair Brininger, P.C. February 2000 ERISA Case Summaries
Brief descriptions of recent Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal ERISA decisions, by Houston plaintiff's attorney Blair Brininger. (Blair Brininger, P.C.)

Supreme Court Says Governmental Employer Can Require Comp Time Before Overtime Pay Is Due
Excerpt: "The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Texas county can require deputy sheriffs to take extra time off instead of seeking overtime pay. The justices, in a 6-3 opinion, said governmental employers have the authority to control when compensatory time is used, unless there is a pre-existing labor agreement." (CNN)

1999 Executive Benefits Survey of Current Trends (PDF)
Excerpt: "Perhaps the most significant trend indicates that Nonqualified Deferred Compensation plans are increasing in prevalence and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans are consistently an important part of corporate compensation programs." (Compensation Resource Group (free registration required))

Hewitt Associates Launches CompensationCenter.com
Excerpt: "includes access to Hewitt's extensive compensation survey library, a resource center with industry news and trend information, market pricing capabilities and a variety of compensation tools." (Hewitt Associates)

Family Policies Lure Workers
Excerpt: "In an age when high technology firms compete for the best workers, 'family-friendly' practices are a good way to lure top employees, said Andrea Poniers, the director of Community-Based Services for Children, Youth and Families with the city of Boulder." (BoulderNews.com)

Prudential Fined by Georgia Insurance Commissioner for Late Payment of Health Claims
Excerpt: "[Insurance Commissioner John] Oxendine said Monday that the state's Insurance Department is the only one in the nation that electronically reviews all claims data. 'Now, by reviewing every claim, every quarter, an HMO not paying on time is going to get caught,' Oxendine said. 'There's nowhere to hide.'" (Atlanta Constitution)

3 Years Later, State Puts Teeth Into Law for HMO Members
Excerpt: "Three years after New Jersey adopted a landmark consumer-protection law for managed-care patients, the state has published long-awaited rules spelling out how, precisely, the law's broad provisions will work." (Bergen NJ Record)

House To Consider Stock Options/Overtime Pay Bill (PDF)
Excerpt: "The Stock Options/Overtime bill is expected to come up on the House floor this week under suspension of the rules. The bill could be scheduled as early as May 2, 2000--the day the House returns from recess. The House is expected to consider the Senate bill (S. 2323). If the Senate version were adopted, as generally expected, the bill would be cleared for the President's signature." (Financial Executives Institute)

New issue online of the Pension & Benefits Update email newsletter by Tax Analysts: 5/1/2000
May 1, 2000 issue; not affiliated with BenefitsLink (Tax Analysts)

Bush to Advocate Private Accounts in Social Security
Excerpt: "Gov. George W. Bush plans to push soon for a fundamental overhaul of Social Security, reopening an issue that could be among the most combustible and bitterly debated of the presidential campaign. In the next month, his aides said, Mr. Bush intends to begin pressing his case for the establishment of individual investment accounts within Social Security ..." (New York Times; free registration required)

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