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May 9, 2000

7th Cir.: Participant Who Fails to Appeal Denial Within Plan's Time Limit Forfeits Her Day in Court
Excerpt: "The participant in this case received disability benefits under her employer's long term disability plan for almost one year. But, after the Social Security Administration terminated her Social Security disability benefits, the plan also terminated her disability payments." (EBIA Weekly)

When Does Income Deferral Make Sense?
Excerpt: "In this article, we explore how financial and tax considerations impact the decision to defer, provide an analysis of the tax impact on accumulated retirement income, and offer other considerations for determining, when, if, and how much to defer. Our focus is on highly compensated executives who are covered by both qualified and nonqualified plans." (Research Institute of America Pension & Benefits Week)

Thrift Savings Plan Highlights for May 2000 (PDF)
Includes information about proposed legislation (H.R. 208), revised Plan Summary coming to participants in August, and two new investment funds becoming available in October (small cap fund and international stock index fund). (Thrift Savings Plan for Federal Employees)

Federal Employees' Thrift Savings Plan Open Season May 15 - July 31 (PDF)
Excerpt: "The TSP Open Season Update ... provides information about the May 15 - July 31, 2000 Open Season." (Thrift Savings Plan for Federal Employees)

Long-Term Care In The United States:An Overview
Excerpt: "This paper outlines the financing of the U.S.long-term care system and the policies that define it, pointing to the imperative for change to assure adequate services at an acceptable cost." (Medscape; free registration required)

The Power of Suggestion: Inertia in 401(k) Participation and Savings Behavior
Excerpt: "In this paper, we analyze the 401(k) savings behavior of employees in a large U.S. corporation before and after an interesting change in the company 401(k) plan. Before the plan change, employees were required to affirmatively elect participation in the 401(k) plan. After the plan change, employees were automatically and immediately enrolled in the 401(k) plan unless they made a negative election to opt out of the plan." (National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper)

Self-Directed 401(k)s Expand Investment Choices
Excerpt: "Retirement plan participants with this itch to run the show may soon get the control they want with something called a brokerage window or self-directed 401(k) ... This option lets the participant invest in almost any mutual fund, stock, or bond. About 10% of employers in 1998 offered brokerage windows, says the Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America, up from none in 1993." (401Kafe.com)

Selling Company Shares to Reluctant Employees: France Telecom's Experience
Excerpt: "In 1997, France Telecom, the state-owned French telephone company, went through a partial privatization... Using a database that tracks over 200,000 eligible participants, we analyze the employees' characteristics and their decisions whether to participate [in an employee stock purchase plan]; how much to invest; and what form of stock alternatives they selected." (National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper)

What's a Perk? Whatever It Takes
Excerpt: "Still getting a free turkey at Christmas while your boss gets an annual bonus and the key to the executive washroom? That's so passé. At many Seattle-area companies, perks are custom-tailored, not just to executives, but to all valued employees, even the rank and file." (Seattle Times)

New Massachusetts Law Requires Parity For Insured Mental Illness Benefits
Excerpt: "Massachusetts has become the nation's 31st state to pass mental health parity legislation, granting patients with mental illness the right to equal insurance coverage." (insure.com)

FTCR Says Calif. Governor Davis Seeks to Strike Provisions of HMO Liability Law Before Ink Is Dry
Excerpt: "The Foundation for Taxpayer for Consumer Rights, sponsor of last year's California HMO liability law SB 21 (Figueroa), today condemned a lobbying effort by Governor Davis to eviscerate important remedies in SB 21 before the law even takes effect on January 1, 2001." (Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights)

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