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June 2 - 5, 2000

Competition Forcing Insurance Company CEOs to Broaden Their Technology Horizons
Excerpt: "[M]any of a CEO's decisions today involve technology, and the insurance industry is no exception. As insurance companies turn to technology to help solve a myriad of challenges--not the least of which are reducing paper glut, automating agencies, and providing superior customer service--chief executives need to know how to spend their companies' IT dollars." (CMP Media)

Companies Build Personalized Portals That Keep Employees in Touch with All Aspects of Corporate Life
Excerpt: "Here's the long-term vision of the personalized portal: An employee from Corporation X walks into work in the morning, boots up his computer and through his browser sees a window onto the entire scope of the company's world. That browser--the portal--will be customized to look like a corporate version of Yahoo." (CMP Media)

6th Cir: Beneficiary Who Failed To Exhaust Admin Remedies Could Not File Suit For LTD Benefits
Excerpt: "A beneficiary was precluded from pursuing a lawsuit against an insurance company seeking to recover long term disability benefits because the beneficiary failed to exhaust his administrative remedies under ERISA. This was the ruling of the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Ravencraft v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America." (Spencernet)

Dental Plans Open Worksite Marketing Door
Excerpt: "As worksite marketing programs compete for employer attention and employee benefits dollars, new voluntary dental insurance products are playing an increasingly important role by initiating employers to the entire worksite marketing concept." (National Underwriter)

MyLackey.com -- Dot-Com Servitude
Excerpt: "Since January, Seattle residents have had lackeys at their service; after setting up an account through the mylackey Web site, they can schedule a time (with at least a day's notice) for a lackey to do their dirty work." (Salon)

Why Don't More Employers Help Employees With Financial Planning?
Excerpt: "The federal government has determined that employers must provide retiring employees with financial counseling prior to their entering retirement ... But there is no requirement that employers provide pre-retirees with information on what is perhaps the greatest financial risk of all—the risk that the retirees might outlive their retirement funds." (National Underwriter)

Corporate Success Hinges on Luring and Retaining the Right Talent
Excerpt: "E-services companies are pinning their growth not only on attracting top talent, but also on creating the right work culture to retain intellectual capital, e-business executives said at the recent CRN I-Builder Roundtable in New York." (CMP Media)

In Search of Teachers Incentives, Perks Being Offered to Meet Increasing Demand
Excerpt: "The U.S. Department of Education says the nation's schools will need 2 million teachers in the next decade. Nationwide, prospective teachers are being offered signing bonuses and other perks. In one case, a governor even wants to exempt teachers' earnings from income taxes." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

New Grads Holding Out for Fulfillment, Not Cash
Excerpt: "Mere mega-salaries and stock options fail to impress many of these twentysomethings, whose college careers have coincided with the nation's longest peacetime economic expansion. Many are in no rush to begin chasing their first million. In opinion polls and interviews, they rate job satisfaction, corporate values and family life over personal wealth." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Comments Urge Changes in Proposed Transportation Regulations
Excerpt: "[One commenter] expressed the view that the proposed regulations do not adequately take into account the cost to transit and voucher providers of making their services available to employers." (Thompson Publishing Group)

Mental Health Parity Not Yet Achieved, GAO Says
Excerpt: "Despite mandates imposed by the 1996 federal mental health parity law, most employer-sponsored health plans still provide less coverage for mental health than for other health care services, the U.S. General Accounting Office has found." (National Underwriter)

Legislation to Provide Choice Between Arbitration or Jury Trial in HMO Disputes Fails in California
Excerpt: "Legislation allowing patients the right to choose between HMO binding arbitration and a jury trial died on the Assembly Floor after an aggressive HMO industry-wide lobbying campaign against the measure. AB 1751 (Kuehl) never came to a vote because it was apparent that the HMO industry had derailed the legislation by swaying business-friendly Democrats from voting for it." (Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights)

HMO Rates Expected to Increase 10 Percent This Year
Excerpt: "Rates for health maintenance organizations are expected to rise by more than 10 percent this year as the financially troubled insurers struggle toward profitability, industry analysts said [recently]." (Knight-Ridder / Tribune)

Riding the Bull: 2000 Compensation Survey
Excerpt: "More than half of total CFO pay is now driven by the stock market. But that doesn't mean it's linked to performance." (CFO Magazine)

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