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June 19, 2000

Congress OKs Digital Signatures
Excerpt: "By an overwhelming margin, the House approved digital signature legislation, legalizing the electronic completion of many transactions that now must be made on paper. Approval in the Senate is expected to follow." (The Standard)

Supreme Court Holds That Fiduciary Can Sue a Nonfiduciary Party-in-Interest Under ERISA
Excerpt: "In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has held that a plan fiduciary can maintain an action against a nonfiduciary party-in-interest under ERISA 502(a)(3) for the nonfiduciary's participation in a prohibited transaction." (RIA Pension & Benefits Week)

Partner Benefits on Rise; Carmakers Accelerate Trend for Gay Couples
Excerpt: "Some companies make similar coverage available to unmarried heterosexual couples, but the automakers have limited their benefits to domestic partners of the same sex." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Workers Would Prefer More Play Time to More Money
Excerpt: "A growing number of American workers say they would rather have an extra day off every two weeks rather than an extra day's wages or salary." (BoulderNews.com)

Interview With Securities Analyst: Investing in Health Insurance Stocks
Excerpt: "I think that most, if not all, of the major players recognize that they have not been able, and are not going to be able, to control medical cost trends anywhere near as well as they and many industry observers once thought. And as a result of that realization, they are raising prices, and raising them aggressively." (Newsletters.com)

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