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July 27, 2000

Challenging Long Term Disability And Health Benefit Denials Under ERISA
Excerpt: "This paper will discuss procedures for challenging Long Term Disability ('LTD') and health benefits coverage denials under ERISA ... the majority of reported decisions arise from cases challenging health benefits denials for procedures or drugs deemed 'experimental,' 'investigative' or 'not medically necessary' ... the most commonly litigated issue today is coverage for various HDC/PSCR treatment protocols for breast, ovarian and brain cancer patients." (Attorney Edward G. Connette, published by Health Administration Responsibility Project)

Long-Term Care Legislation for Federal Employees, Military Personnel Nears the Finish Line
Excerpt: "The House could act by tomorrow on legislation to provide long-term care insurance to federal employees, military personnel and retirees, according to Republican and Democratic aides. The Senate approved the legislation Tuesday evening and returned it to the House for a final review. Yesterday, congressional aides said House leaders hope to move the bill to the White House before Congress leaves town for its August vacation and election campaigns." (Washington Post)

The Implications of Medicare Prescription Drug Proposals for Employers and Retirees (PDF)
99 pages. Excerpt: "The availability of prescription drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries could substantially alter the role that particular employers choose to play in providing supplemental coverage to their retirees..." (Hewitt Associates LLC for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)

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Cheney Wasn't a Pay Hog at Halliburton
Excerpt: "Dick Cheney is a Republican. Republicans love wealth. Dick Cheney is chief executive of a large company. CEOs love wealth even more than Republicans. Case closed: Dick Cheney must be a greedy porker. If that's the script Democrats plan on using to blast Cheney this fall, they better hire a script doctor. Based on his tenure at Halliburton Co., Cheney is not a porker at all." (Graef Crystal, on Bloomberg.com)

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