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September 1 - 6, 2000

Health FSA Ordered to Reimburse Expenses Paid During the Plan Year Even Though Previously Incurred
Grande v. Allison Engine Co., Inc. (S.D. IND. 2000) (EBIA Weekly)

Employee Who Kept Spouse Enrolled in Health Plan for Five Years After Divorce Found Liable for Fraud
Trustees of the AFTRA Health Fund v. Biondi (N.D. Ill. Aug. 4, 2000) (EBIA Weekly)

Insurer of Disability Plan That Made Overpayments for Three Years Lost Right to Recover Overpayments
Burger v. Life Ins. Co. of North America (N.D. Ga. 2000). (EBIA Weekly)

The Privacy Puzzle: An Investigator's Dilemma
Excerpt: "Want to rile up a group of investigators? Get them talking about privacy issues. There are myriad opinions about the topic within investigative circles and likewise within the insurance industry. Although much of the concern is the stuff of urban legend and does not add up to statutes and court decisions on the matter, areas of concern do exist for those conducting insurance investigations, as well as those who contract for such investigations." (Claims magazine)

How Can You Hold On To Your Finance Staffers? Get Back To Basics, Say Experts
(CFO magazine)

EBRI Releases 2000 Small Employer Health Benefits Survey
Excerpt: "Small employers without health insurance coverage identify affordability problems for both themselves and their employees as a key barrier.... But those problems may be compounded by misperceptions about the business value of offering health benefits, tax deductions for both employers and workers, and recent regulatory changes by the state and federal governments that have restructured the small-employer health insurance market." (Employee Benefit Research Institute)

AARP Position Paper On Managed Care Patient Protections
Excerpt: "The Association believes the following core patient protections, already required in Medicare, would provide a solid basis for patient protection legislation for all of the nation's managed care consumers." (American Association of Retired Persons)

(Following also appears in Retirement Plans Edition)

Electronic Contract and Signature Law: A Prelude to the Paperless HR Department?
Excerpt: "Employers eagerly anticipating a paperless human resources department could come very close to achieving that goal under the new Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. Despite its title, when this new law takes effect in late September, it will cover virtually every business transaction conducted in the U.S." (Deloitte & Touche)

Pension and Benefits News Library from CCH
CCH has revised its site to include an archive of the past month or so of its pension and benefits news articles - nicely done. These seem to be excerpted from CCH's Pension Plan Guide. (CCH)

ADEA Applies to Retirees and Employees
Excerpt: "The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has shocked employers by ruling that the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) applies to both retirees and current workers. The ruling overturns a lower court decision and sets a major legal precedent." (hr-esource.com)

Graef Crystal: Procter & Gamble's Marketing Skills Put to Test
Excerpt: "P&G's salesman touch can be found first in its board compensation committee report. A paragraph there states Jager retired from the company, without noting he was offered the opportunity to retire by his board of directors -- an offer that, like offers made by The Godfather, he couldn't refuse." (Graef Crystal, on Bloomberg.com)

Job Openings Newly Posted or Reposted on EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com

Client Services Administratorfor Benefit National Companies
in CO, TX
Associate Attorney for Law Firmfor McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe LLP
in NC
Pension Supervisorfor AMETEK, Inc.
in DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA
Benefit Plan Administrationfor Compensation Resource Group, Inc
in CA
Retirement Sales Consultantfor Invesmart
in GA, IL, NY, TX
401(k) dc administratorfor karel@ assoc.ltd
in IL
401(k)/DC Administratorfor Southern California Administrator
in CA
Client Managerfor Benefit Services Corporation, a subsidiary of METLIFE, is a 401(k) plan administrator with 29 years of specialized experience in defined contribution recordkeeping.
in GA
Marketing Services Managerfor UICI Administrators, Nationally recognized healthcare TPA
in TX
Participant Representative - Pension Departmentfor Growing full-service brokerage firm
in IL
401(k) Sr. Administratorfor Top Notch Company In Sunny California
in CA
Human Resources Managerfor Ralph Appelbaum Associates
in NY
Benefits Administrator / Managerfor Summit Employer Group
in CA
Pension Analystfor Southeastern Employee Benefit Services, Inc. (SEBS)
in NC
RETIREMENT SERVICES CONSULTANTfor AmSouth Bank -- The Relationship People
in TN
Benefits Administratorfor Marsh Inc.
in NY
Pension Account Executivefor Diversified Investment Advisors
in MA
Sales Consultant - Comprehensive HR Servicesfor Administaff
Pension Administratorfor Limestone Pension Associates, L.L.C.
in DE

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