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November 7, 2000

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Government Poised to Make It Easier to Save for Retirement, If Pension Bill Passes
Excerpt: "The federal appropriations package, on hold in Congress until after the election, contains provisions that would boost the amounts workers and savers can sock away in retirement and company-sponsored savings plans. It also shortens vesting periods, or the amount of time employees must remain at a company to receive matching funds." (Knight-Ridder / Tribune)

Intuit and TeamVest Launch First 401k Advice Service With Live Access to Investment Advisors
(Yahoo! Finance)

Extending Private Pension Coverage in a Middle Income Country: The Case of Brazil
Excerpt: "Government policy can play an important role in the development of pensions. This article examines policies that governments in middle income countries could adopt to increase the number of workers covered by voluntary private pensions." (John Turner, Public Policy Institute, AARP)

Exposure Draft: Projected Benefit Illustrations In Connection With Retirement Plan Amendments (PDF)
Issued June 2000. Excerpt: "This proposed standard sets forth requirements that a projected benefit illustration must satisfy in order for an actuary to issue an Actuarial Opinion of Compliance. No deviation is permitted�if the projected benefit illustration does not fully satisfy every requirement of this standard, the actuary may not issue an Actuarial Opinion of Compliance." (Pension Committee of the Actuarial Standards Board)

Excerpts from New Book on Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs)
The NCEO presents excerpts from its new book on employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs). The book covers legal and tax issues, plan design, accounting, administration, communicating to employees, case studies, and more. (National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO))

Another Question is Answered in the Stop, Look & Listen: Railroad Retirement Q&A Column
I worked for the old New York Central for six years. What happens to my contributions? Can I transfer them to my Teachers Retirement Fund or to Social Security? (BenefitsLink.com)

Another Question is Answered in the Stop, Look & Listen: Railroad Retirement Q&A Column
I worked for a railroad for more than 10 years. I have more than 40 quarters of Social Security credits. Can I receive both benefits at age 65? (BenefitsLink.com)

How Would The 3/1 "Gateway" Apply To A Super-Integrated Plan Without Defined Allocation Rates?

Plans May Get Determination Letters for Changes Under New Anti-Cutback Rules
(Groom Law Group)

Diving Into Demutualization
Excerpt: "But the [insurance] industry is beginning to undergo fairly dramatic change, responding to new technologies and changing demographics. Perhaps no change is more revolutionary than demutualization - the transition from a mutual form of ownership, where the company is nominally owned by policyholders, to a public company owned by stockholders." (Financial Executives Institute)

How Do the Presidential Candidates Compare on Retirement Issues?
(American Benefits Council)

Opinion: We Already Have the Savings Accounts Bush Is Proposing-- 401(k) Plans
Excerpt: "I'm within daydreaming distance of retirement, so all of this year's campaign rhetoric about Social Security and retirement- savings accounts has me thinking: Will I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement? I don't know. But I do know this: I wish 401(k) plans had been around when I first entered the work force." (The Des Moines Register)

Effect of Alternative Minimum Tax on Excercise of Incentive Stock Options
Excerpt: "Because of the double threat of the AMT tangle and a volatile stock market, many financial advisers say December is the worst time to exercise an incentive stock option." (MercuryCenter.com)

It's Decision Time for Stock Option Holders
Excerpt: "If you have employee stock options, you may need to make some important--and difficult--decisions in the next two months. Big drops in many technology shares, a volatile stock market and the rapidly approaching end of the tax year are all combining to make this a challenging time for dealing with options." (Los Angeles Times)

Employee Stock Options Are a Mixed Blessing When Tax Time Arrives
Originally published March 5, 2000. (Los Angeles Times)

Job Openings Newly Posted or Reposted on EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com

401(k) Plan Administratorfor Third Party Administration Firm in Southeast Michigan
in MI
Asst Benefit Consultantfor Buck Consultants
in CA
Senior Benefits Specialistfor United Way of America
in VA
Healthcare Consulting Analysts/Actuariesfor William M. Mercer
in WA
PCCGfor American Express Financial Advisors
in MN
Institutional Investment Consultantfor DiMeo Schneider & Associates
in IL

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