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November 13, 2000

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The Post-Transaction Value of Equity in Leveraged ESOPs
Excerpt: "Thus, the after-tax cash flow of repaying the ESOP debt is less than the after-tax cash flow of repaying a conventional corporate loan. The value of these income tax benefits of the ESOP debt can be quantified as the present value of cash flow savings. These income tax benefits are the advantages which the ESOP brings to the transaction." (Willamette Management Associates)

Reasonableness of Executive Compensation Within an ESOP Context
Excerpt: "In Delta Star, Inc. v. Andrew W. Patton (W.D. Penn. June 10, 1999), a U.S. District Court judge had to rule on the issue of excessive executive compensation in an ESOP-owned company. This case should be informative to ESOP trustees, ESOP valuation analysts, and ESOP legal counsel." (Willamette Management Associates)

Seize the Day on a Roth IRA?
Excerpt: "With stocks well down from their highs, and in many cases still heading south, IRA holders, especially those who have not had their accounts a long time, may find that the gains they would be forced to recognize in a conversion are a lot smaller than they used to be." (Washington Post)

Opinion: No Freedom of Information When It Comes to Money Managers
November 2000 edition. Excerpt: "Examine the logic: The SEC regularly inspects money managers for compliance with the federal securities laws. The federal securities laws exist for the protection of investors. Yet the results of the SEC's inspections of money managers, including certain violations of the federal securities laws, are not disclosed to investors. It makes no sense." (Benchmark Financial Services, Inc.)

The Distributional Effects of an Investment-Based Social Security System (PDF)
Link to a Working Paper available for downloading from the National Bureau of Economic Research; this is a revised version of the working paper that was originally distributed in January 2000. (Martin Feldstein, Jeffrey Liebman)

The Bad News About Options
Excerpt: "To bulls, options reward employees for a rising stock price. Bears, on the other hand, see options as a kind of financial scam, enabling companies to perform stunts on the balance sheet and essentially give away money for nothing." (Fortune)

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Benefits Consortium is an alliance of specialists who help financial institutions and service providers evaluate, improve, monitor and grow their retirement plan business. Benefits Consortium offers a wide variety of services, including marketing and sales force training, participant and staff education programs, review of plan administration operations with personalized improvement programs, software and systems consulting, and assistance with project management.

Welcome to new BenefitsLink advertiser EYMgroup
EYMgroup PensionLab is a Windows-based modern relational database DC and 401(k) system. The system imports vendor transaction data, NAV data, participant data and payroll data to do crosstest/ADP/ACP testing, top heavy testing, and generate participant statements. It calculates loans and automatically records them for processing.

Another Question is Answered in the Stop, Look & Listen: Railroad Retirement Q&A Column
My husband is 48 years old and has 20 years of railroad service. He plans to retire at age 60 with more than 30 years of service. I am 15 years younger. When will I be eligible for benefits as a wife or as a widow? With the large age difference between my husband and myself, we need to determine if we need additional life insurance to pay off our house and put our kids through college, because my income alone would not cover those costs. (BenefitsLink.com)

(Following also appears in Welfare Plans Edition)

Kiosks: The Staffers Who Never Sleep
Excerpt: "Increasingly, employers are finding they can provide superior customer service by offering employee access to kiosks that answer routine questions or handle routine transactions. The uses can include employment applications, job posting and benefits enrollment." (Employee Benefit News)

Job Openings Newly Posted or Reposted on EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com

Pension Administrator/Accountantfor First Mercantile Trust Company
in TN
Consulting - Pension Actuary & Administratorsfor Louis Kravitz & Associates, Inc.
in CA
Pension Administratorfor Horizon Benefit Administration
in OH
Benefits Analystfor Safeway Inc.
in CA
Senior Benefits Specialist, Design & Compliancefor Phelps Dodge Corporation
in AZ
Benefits Specialist, Health & Welfarefor Phelps Dodge Corporation
in AZ
in CT, MA
Manager, Compensation and Payroll Systems Developmentfor Merck & Co., Inc.
in NJ

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