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Welfare Plans Edition

November 30, 2000

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Australian Insurers Banned From Genetic Testing
Excerpt: "The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has successfully prevented the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) from authorizing genetic testing of life insurance applicants." (Medscape; free registration required)

Rising Healthcare Costs a Top Priority of Employers, but Not Workers
Excerpt: "While double-digit healthcare cost increases continue to weigh heavily on the nation's employers, most employees are focused on issues involving their retirement benefits, according to a new survey of employee benefits specialists." (Medscape; free registration required)

Programs Help Bridge Insurance Gap
Excerpt: "Whether a voluntary or forced retirement, many early retirees have a common worry: how to bridge the medical insurance gap until they qualify for Medicare benefits at age 65." (New York Times; free registration required)

Mounting lawsuits might doom HMOs
Excerpt: "Lawyers might not have been able to kill the tobacco companies or to run Microsoft out of business, but with the same litigators that sued those companies taking aim at the managed healthcare industry, two professional liability experts here predicted the death of managed care in the not-too-distant future." (National Underwriter, via CNN)

Health Insurance Lobbies to Merge
Excerpt: "The Health Insurance Association of America, which represents traditional health insurance companies, and the American Association of Health Plans, which represents managed care companies, will announce on Thursday their intent to merge, said two people familiar with the plans who spoke on condition of anonymity." (Las Vegas Sun)

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Add Employee Benefits Headlines To Your Web Site at No Charge
We show you how to do it! You get links to fresh content, we get a little exposure (a link to BenefitsLink is included in the headlines). "Win-win," as Steven Covey might say. (BenefitsLink)

Videograms: A Marketing Approach to Internal Communication (PDF)
Excerpt: "Videograms are small, self-running video files, custom-filmed and edited in a polished yet 'relationship-building style'-- similar to the effect of having an individual deliver specific, scripted information to his/her constituencies (employees, prospective employees, customers, etc.)." (Aon Consulting)

Jan Wegesin's Form5500Help.com Provides Tips, Links, Information on Annual Filing Requirements
Excerpt: "Form5500help.com is designed to complement official guidance and other internet resources available to preparers of Form 5500 for qualified retirement, welfare, and fringe benefit plans. Every year, businesses and organizations that sponsor an employee benefit plan subject to ERISA must file Form 5500." (JMW Consulting, Inc.)

Shopping for Workers
Excerpt: "Low unemployment makes managers more creative in attracting quality workers." (Savannah [Ga.] Morning News)

Retaining Talent: Employers Seek Secret to Keeping Good Workers
Excerpt: "Money may be one issue driving employees to switch jobs in today's tight labor market. But employers are increasingly aware that a one- size-fits-all remedy won't boost retention." (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Raising Stock Options From the Deep
Excerpt: "But the danger of a serious brain drain has now prompted technology and telecoms companies to look again at their stock options. Indeed, many have started to tinker with them in ways that could bring their workers a big pay-off after all." (Financial Times)

Job Openings Newly Posted or Reposted on EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com

401(k) Plan Administratorfor RSM McGladrey, Inc.
in IL
Customer Support - DC Plans / Flexible Benefits Administratorsfor DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.
in IL
Manager, Job Classification and Compensationfor Chicago Transit Authority
in IL
General Manager, Benefit Servicesfor Chicago Transit Authority
in IL
Savings Plan Adminstratorfor Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
in DC
Actuarial Analystfor Ceridian Retirement Plan Services
in CO
Senior International Assistantfor Buck Consultants, Inc.
in NJ
Service Consultant-Atlantafor Transamerica Life Company
in GA
International Benefits Analystfor Commerce One (Pleasanton - San Francisco Bay Area)
in CA

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