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June 8, 2006
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Don't miss the 2006 Western Benefits Conference!

The famed Bellagio Hotel is the site of this year's WBC, held July 16-19. Sponsored by the Western Pension & Benefits Conference and ASPPA, there are more than 50 educational sessions on retirement, health, welfare, fiduciary issues and more plus networking activities such as an exhibit hall, golf outing, Sunday reception and entertainment on Monday evening.

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Illuminating 'Broad Range' Requirement of ERISA Sec. 404(c) with Modern Portfolio Theory Language (PDF)
4 pages. Excerpt: "This column helps illuminate the 'broad range' requirement of ERISA Section 404(c) with the language modern portfolio theory and other notions of financial economics that is found in the Uniform Prudent Investor Act and the Restatement 3rd of Trusts (Prudent Investor Rule)" (Journal of Pension Benefits via Prudent Investor Advisors, LLC)

Emerging Markets May Not Be Great for Your 401(k)
Excerpt: "A new study of the nation's 401(k) plans shows a disturbing trend: Many investors have been loading up on emerging markets stocks just in time to see these high-risk investments hit a major speed bump in May." (U.S. News & World Report)

'Cloud of Liability' Over Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Excerpt: "Employers providing pensions pay premiums to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., which bails out retirees when their employers terminate their pension plans. As more companies make the switch to defined contribution plans, that means fewer premium dollars flowing into the already underfunded PBGC." (The State Journal)

Report Shows Behavioral Communication Aids Employees in Retirement Saving
Excerpt: "A white paper published by MassMutual Retirement Services looks into participant retirement savings trends and offers suggestions for employers based on behavioral economics research." ( one-time registration required)

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Treasury Delays Release of Section 409A Regulations
Excerpt: "A Treasury official said Tuesday that the government will not be able to complete the tax code Section 409A's final regulations by its original end-of-the-month deadline, but set a new release date for late summer, according to the Bureau of National Affairs." ( one-time registration required)

Stock Option Probe Biggest Since Abusive Fund Trading Cases
Excerpt: "The probe into firms illegally awarding stock options to executives at artificially low prices is the biggest corporate wrongdoing investigation since the probe into illegal/abusive mutual fund trading." ( one-time registration required)

Newly Posted Events
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Department of Labor Update
in Massachusetts on June 22, 2006
presented by ASPPA Benefits Council (ABC) of New England

Funding Reform Webcast Series
Nationwide on June 7, 2006
presented by Society of Actuaries

Newly Posted or Renewed Job Openings
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Product Manager - Retirement Services
for MassMutual Financial Group
in MA

Retirement Plan Administration
for Pension Specialists, Inc.
in CA

Pension Plan Administrator
for Pension Specialists, Inc.
in CA

Pension Services Consultant, ESG
for CUNA Mutual Group
in WI

Regional Director
for HEREIU Trust Funds
in NJ

DC/401(k) Administrator
for The Parker Group
in NY

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