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May 21, 2010

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Professionals across the U.S. are now charged with sorting through health care reform and complying with new health plan requirements. These must-have books provide comprehensive guidance and in-depth analysis of the new legislation. Choose from CCH’s Law, Explanation and Analysis (Volumes 1 & 2), RIA’s Complete Analysis of the Tax & Benefits Provisions and RIA’s Analysis of the Medicare, Medicaid & Other Health Care Provisions.

[Guidance Overview]
Important Details on the 2010 Small Business Health Care Tax Credit (PDF)
3 pages. Excerpt: "For taxable employers, the Credit is claimed on the employer's annual income tax return (e.g., Form 1120 and presumably Form 3800) a nonrefundable general business tax credit (which can be carried forward 20 years and may offset AMT). Note that a deduction for the health care costs is not permitted for the amount of the Credit, which should be considered when determining the value of the Credit."
(Groom Law Group)

Not All Small Businesses Will Get Tax Benefits Promised In Health Law
Excerpt: "Tax credits to help small business pay for employee health coverage fall short of the 'broad eligibility' White House officials promoted . . . . The credit was said to apply to firms 'with fewer than 25 workers and average annual wages under $50,000 that provide health coverage,' . . . . 'Lost in the fine print: The credit drops off sharply once a company gets above 10 workers and $25,000 average annual wages.' A complicated formula means some firms that meet the key requirements for the credits will get nothing . . . ."
(Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)

Health Savings Account/High-Deductible Health Plans Coverage Survey Report (PDF)
Excerpt: "The number of people with HSA/HDHP coverage rose to 10 million in January 2010, up from 8 million in January 2009, and 6.1 million in January 2008. Between January 2009 and January 2010, the fastest growing market for HSA/HDHP products was large-group coverage, which rose by 33 percent, followed by small-group coverage, which grew by 22 percent."
(America's Health Insurance Plans)

New Data Indicates COBRA Subsidy Helped Middle-Class
Excerpt: "A new report [the U.S. Treasury Department Office of Economic Policy] suggests that the COBRA premium subsidy provided by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act has helped Americans maintain insurance coverage during the recession, especially the middle class."

House Poised to Consider COBRA Subsidy Extension
Excerpt: "Without action by the end of the month, those laid off after June 1 would have to pay the entire cost of continuing their health insurance . . . ."
(Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)

National Restaurant Assn. and UnitedHealth Join on Coverage Effort for Restaurant Workers
Excerpt: "The National Restaurant Assn. and insurance giant UnitedHealth Group Inc. are teaming up in a bid to make coverage more accessible to millions of restaurant workers without health benefits -- three years ahead of when the healthcare overhaul would require everyone to have insurance."
(Los Angeles Times)

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Executive Compensation; Benefits in General

Study Finds Treating Workers Well at Lowest Rung of Corporate Ladder Improves the Bottom Line
Excerpt: "A new McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy study published by the Harvard Business Review rolls up conclusive findings that, no matter the size of your business, the way you treat employees at the bottom rung of the company ladder has an impact on your bottom line."
(Wall Street Horizon)

Federal Domestic Partner Benefits Could Cost $300M+
Excerpt: "That was the bottom line of a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study of the issue, according to In addition to $310 million in direct costs between 2010 and 2020, CBO calculates the 2009 Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act (SB 1102) would increase benefits-related discretionary spending by $394 million over the same period."

Webcasts and Conferences

Eleventh Annual ERISA Update Seminar
in Hawaii on November 16, 2010
presented by TRI Pension Services

June 2nd Wed Teleconference Registration: Electronic 5500 Reporting (EFAST) and HRA Medicare Secondary Payer Reporting for HRAs
Nationwide on June 9, 2010
presented by Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC)

Press Releases

NIPA Honors Outstanding Volunteers at 2010 Annual Forum & Expo
National Institute of Pension Administrators

ERIC Urges Solution for PBGC “Box Check” Issue
ERIC (ERISA Industry Committee)

PIABA Supports the Fiduciary Duty Amendment to Reform Bill
Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association

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