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Contribution Limits to more than one SIMPLE IRA


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If I work for two unrelated companies, each of which has a SIMPLE IRA, am I still limited to $7,000 in total payroll deferrals? I know that the 402(g) limit applies if I participate in a SIMPLE IRA and a traditional 401(k) and that I'd be limited to $11,000, but I can't seem to find anything that specidically addresses the two SIMPLE IRA limit.

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You will be subjected to the 402(g) limit-- $11,000 for year 2002- between both plans.

The employer limits however, will be determined separately

Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits by Natalie B. Choate



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See IRC Sec 402(g)(1), relating to the generall dollar limit of $11,000 for 2002 and requiring the individual to include in include amounts that exceed the dollar limit. IRC Sec 402(g)(3)(D) extends this limit to Simple plans. See, too, employee insructions on the back of Form W-2 (Copy C) for Box 13.

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