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It depends. If the March 2002 version of Form 5305A-SEP is being used, the June 2006 version does not need to be adopted. The December 2004 version of Form 5305-SEP was not required to be adopted if the employer was using the March 2002 version (which had to be amended by December 31, 2002).

[The compensations are automatically increased to the current years limits.]

Hope this helps (and you don't need need information for an earlier year's form).

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Guest erisamelissa

What do we do with a really old 5305-SEP? Back in the day, the forms 5305-SEP had expiration dates on them. This changed in 1997. My concern is that a sponsor of a 5305-SEP that hasn't updated since the "expired" version has been operating the plan for the last 10 years without a plan document. Anyone have any experience with this?

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