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Missed contributions to SEP

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Employer has a SEP, but has not made contributions to rank and file ees for a couple of years. He did contribute for himself.

Can he use an EPCRS program to correct or are those not available to a SEP?


EDIT: I just saw the same question below. I don't know exactly how many employees were missed or how many years this goes back. I will provide more info as I get it. Thanks.

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QDRO is spot on. If I were helping one-on-one, I would ask: did you really "forget," or did the broker somebody else give you bad or incomplete advice vis a vis contributions for employees? "Forget" is a 4 letter word in these matters. Then, if he truly forgot I would ask how did you all of a sudden remember? If it was a case of bad or incomplete advice, I would ask how did you find out you were given bad or incomplete advice?

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