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Salary Reduction SEP Contribution for Self Employed

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Can anyone advise when the salary reduction contribution is due for 2012 for a self employed individual who is on extension until Oct 15th ?

For SIMPLE 's in this situation I am under the impression that the salary deferral is due January 31st, 2013.

If this guy has a 401K plan I am under the impression that he has until Oct 15 to fund his salary deferral and company contribution.

But I am not sure about salary reduction SEP plans however which is what my main question above is.

Any comments on anything in the posting are appreciated !

Thank you.

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In the case of a 401(k) plan, no sooner that the accountant can determine earned income, BUT NO LATER than the DOL requires.

The deduction for SIMPLE contributions require that amounts be contributed sooner (as you say).

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