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Successor Employer

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What makes a company a successor employer? It is a 100% stock purchase or a change in entity only?

A prospect has a partnership that will dissolved on 1/31. The have a SARSEP. One of the partners is retiring. The other partner wants to form a new company on 2/1. They will have the same employees, line of work, and client's. I was not told that this would be a stock or asset sale. Would the new company be considerred a successor employer and able to adopt the SARSEP? I am thinking no, but maybe I am missing something.

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There are no rules, regulations, or guidance under Code Section 414(a) to define the terms successor employer and predecessor employer. The IRS has stated verbally that when there has been a more than 50 percent change in ownership of the employer, a new employer exists. [see too, IRC 3121(a)(1), 3306(b), 4980, and IT Reg Sec 31.3302(e)-1 relating to successor employer for FUTA tax, and see IT Reg § 1.415(f)-1(a) defining predecessor for 415 purposes] For purposes of continuing a SARSEP, it would be risky (imo) to adopt the SARSEP plan of the former employer without first obtaining a private letter ruling.

Conversely, if there has been a 50 percent or less change in ownership, the relationship of successor employer and predecessor employer may exist. If a successor employer continues a plan for another employer (predecessor employer), all employees who worked for the predecessor employer must be given credit for the years of service for that predecessor employer. [i.R.C. § 414(a)(1); Ltr. Rul. 9336046; see also Ltr. Rul. 9853048 treating a new corporation as a successor employer for FICA and FUTA purposes]

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