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SARSEP Qualified Plan for 1999


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To complicate this. If employer adopted the the SARSEP on form 5035A-SEP this would preclude sponsoring another qualfied retirement plan. Would adopting the QRP effective 1/1/99 invalidate (disqualify) the SEP for 1999. What are the ramifications of this? Is there a work around? It think one option might be to restate on a Master Proto-type or individually designed document. ANy thoughts?

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Employer sponsors an old SARSEP. For PYE 1999 they would like to establish a Profit Sharing Plan effective 1/1/99 with ahe 401(k) feature effective 1/1/2000 SARSEP will terminated 12/31/99. Other than combined 404415 issues is there anything else I should be aware of.

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